Origami Peace Concert
a benefit in memory of Erica Knopper
October 18, 2003   Rob Knopper, Music Director

The Program
C.H.S. Marching Band Drum Line

Too Much Time on My Hands, by Tommy Shaw

Chelsea House Orchestra

Selections from their latest CD, "Around The Room"

Rob Knopper and Michael Udow

Flashback, by Michael Udow, from the CD "Border X Crossing"
Pavane for a Dead Princess, by Maurice Ravel, arranged by Rob Knopper
March, from Eight Pieces for Timpani, by Elliott Carter
March for Two Pairs of Kettledrums, by the Philidor Brothers

Rory McGuinness and Aaron Smith

Guitar Music

Fortune’s Fool

Get me Some Treatment
Flawed and Beautiful
What I'd Give
Fallen Angel

Watch the Sun Explode


The Performers

Chelsea High School Marching Band Drum Line
Snares: Rob Knopper, Liz Hood, Chet Hopp, Kalen Percha, Max Wineland. 
Tenors/Quads: Jennifer Adams, Tony Chiodo. 
Bass: Paul Weir, Stephen Patrias, John Davidsen, T.J. Mathis. 
Cymbals: Anneliese Abney, Amanda McKenzie, Jamison Hunt, Ben Wolpoff.
Bass Guitar: Dan Lewis, and Guitar: Aaron Smith

Chelsea House Orchestra  (www.ChelseaHouseOrchestra.org)
Jed Fritzemeier, Director. Dan Dault, Asst. Director.
Anneliese Abney, Clif Ballard, Kelly Butcher, Alice Butcher, Wesley Fritzemeier, Sarah Glover, Drew Hamilton, Nick Harris, Keilor Kastella, Ryan Kelley, Christine Kelley, Rob Knopper, Diana Ladio, Mary Mahoney, Rory McGuinness, Paul McKeighan, Megan Minick, Sarah Myers, Sherry Ngo, Max Parkanzky, Joe Ponte, Zack Powers, Alison Schaper, Christina Scharrer, Will Sparrow, Cheryl Spencer, Courtney Sullens, Nathan Taylor, Amanda White, Jennifer Williams.

Michael Udow   (www.equilibri.com), is the principal percussionist with the Santa Fe Opera since 1968 and a University of Michigan faculty member since 1982. He has performed in many ensembles and taught percussion throughout the world.

Rory McGuinness and Aaron Smith

Fortune's Fool   (www.FortunesFoolRocks.com)
Lead vocals, songwriting and guitars: Tim Clairmont, Drums: Rob Knopper,  Bass: Jeff Alber,  Guitar: Jared Yellin.


The Erica Knopper Origami Peace Fund is administered by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. This will be a perpetual endowment. Funds will be raised at music and art events like this one, and donations will be made to help improverished students go to college, and to support world peace. For more information see Erica's web site at http://bgp.nu/~mak/origami

Thanks to: Jed Fritzemeier, Rick Catherman, Scott Mancha, Jeff Rohrer, Becky Patrias, Amy McKeighan, Jennifer Kundak, Jeff Cowall, Cindy Macfarlane, Collette Luckhardt, Michael Udow, and all of the performers, and many, many others.

May the world be filled with art, origami, peace, and healing.