Alice in Wonderland display by Anita Barbour

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The rabbit and the Mad Hatter
Painting the roses red

Another view of all the Wonderlings

Ships in bottles
Folio books of all kinds
Candy wrapper shaped boxes
Daniel Kwan's amazing display
Also Daniel's
And still more of Daniel's
David Shall's creations
Origami dollhouse with all the fixings
The entry way, with slippers and umbrellas
Study with desk, chair, books, and even mats to sit on
Living room
An origami tree that can be used as an Advent calendar
Rider on a cool dragon
The miniature display
Boxes within boxes
Fabric coaster
Various figures
Flowers in a bowl
Flowers and more
Closeup of flowers
Jeremy Shafer's flasher hat
Jeremy modeling the hat
And now from the side
From the kids' origami exhibit
Creator of the previous set of pieces
Marc Kirschenbaum's display (I think)
More of Marc's display

And again

One more shot: I was really hoping to get a closeup of the skeleton but my camera doesn't seem to focus as well then.
The Lochness Monster
Other completely different masks

Back to the miniatures

Big and little bicycles
Mobiles and stabiles
Model menu showing the famous Jitterbug and the morning glory: I took this because I wanted to remember to learn those two even if I didn't get into the classes
A cool orange thingy
Chris Palmer's chess set
Chess piece
Chris Palmer boxes
Chris Palmer tesselation wallhanging
This time I tried to center it
Detail from above wallhanging
A different Chris Palmer tesselated wallhanging
And a detail of that one
Bring me a shrubbery!
Different angle on the same plant, this was an amazing piece of origami, I thought it was real at first glance!
Some of Sy Chen's amazing things, including the tissue box that's been mentioned
Things from the same table, but not all Sy Chen's, I don't think
Teapot and mug (before the tea was steeped)
Florence Temko's cool pleated sculpture
A windswept tree, one of my personal favorites
Various vehicles and a couple animals too
Winnie the Pooh's wall
More Winnie the Pooh
Kanga and Roo
Some of Yami Yamauchi's wonderful toys
More of Yami's display
This made Monty Python famous, along with the Holy Grail