Bird pulling a cart
The castle and the grounds
And from a different angle
Another whole display view
And the last view of the whole display
Castle detail: bridge
Castle detail: base of a tower
Castle detail: hanging lamp
Another hanging lamp
Castle grounds: streetlamp
Castle detail: turret
Castle detail: it's out of focus, but there's a table and chairs inside if you look through the window
Clown, part of Oriland exhibit and also taught by Shumakovs at convention
The blue dinosaur
Another view
The pink dinosaur
The yellow dinosaur
Another blue view
The green dinosaur looks really good from different angles
A detail of the neck
Green's feet and the stand
Different angle for Mr. Green
More dino pics
The amazing ferris wheel that really turns
The flower display
Detail from previous flower arrangement
Another flower arrangement
And another
And another
Snail shell at base of flower display
More flowers
Detail of blossom on previous arrangement
Imaginary being in Oriland
The king and queen
Looking through the castle arch at the king and queen
Zooming in on the royal couple a bit
Orilanders relaxing
More Orilanders
He likes her for her hair, I think
She fell asleep at the park, I think
I really want to know who does *her* hair
Maybe Katrin can fold me a wig?
Generic plants
The lake by the castle
Railroad tracks as Oriland was being dismantled
A ship on the lake
Katrin and Yuri with their display, the only picture I got of them!