Mette Pederson's modulars behind the dolls

Wendy Lowe's fabric modular wall piece

...and a detail of the same

Wendy Lowe's pillows

and a closer view of a pillow

Mette's modulars from a different angle

Close up of one of Mette's pieces

Another close up

Looks like a very large Sonobe module to me

From the same table as previous picture

Jeannine Mosely's famous sponge

A modular sphere within a modular sphere

Pictures from some mind boggling exhibit, I think in Japan

More pictures to boggle the mind

And some more. If I would have had more time I would have spent some time looking at these pictures more carefully, but instead I at least took pictures of them!

Kasahara's boxes

Some rings

Another Wendy Lowe's piece

Slightly different view

Another close up of one of Mette's modulars

And more of Mette's

Kasahara's boxes