A large dragon
Cool imaginary creatures
Slightly different view
dragon challenge winners
Dragon challenge entries
Lang's dragon challenge entry
Slightly different angle
A dragon for every season and occasion
Dragon challenge entry using Quiang Zhi units
Pretty much the same picture
More dragons
More dragons
Challenging dragons
Another entry
Lots of people entered this competition; there were many wonderful dragons to look at.
Neil Eisman's impressive display brings new definition to the term "well-articulated"
His jack-in-the-boxes
His iguana
All manner......
.....of creatures
And even a few non-animals
Even Shiva's in there
More closer views of Neil's models
.....and some more.
From the kids' origami exhibit
Nathan Geller's creations
He taught the eagle ray

Another pic of the same

Kasahara's creations

From the kids' origami exhibit

Also from the kids' show

and these ones too.

Robert Lang's dragon again

A sea creature of Lang's

Closeup on the sea creature, check out the scales

Robert Lang insects

More Lang insects

Nice creepy-crawlie, no?

The place was lousy with insects

From a big table featuring a number of creators and folders

From the same table

The nicest family of woolly mammoths you could ever hope to meet, unfortunately out of focus.

Panda bears

Quite the camel, and one of LaFosse's bats behind

Somebody really needs to call the exterminator

I guess these are the farm animals

The mammoths from another angle, and other wild animals

The knarly tree on top of a mountain of cool animals

There's another centipede of the same species, just a different color

Walruses and fish

And a little different view

Some dinos, the Statue of Liberty, and more