Mark Knopper

Bulbous Ventures, LLC

219 S. Main St. Suite 206

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Twitter @markknopper2

Email markknopper2 <at>


Freelance software engineer. Invented the Internet with friends and colleagues at Merit Network in the 80's. Involved with commercialization and privatization of the Internet, and development of router software.


Merit Network, Ann Arbor 1980-1993




Routing Arbiter

Ameritech, Ann Arbor 1994-1996

Developed phone company's first commercial Internet service, and Chicago NAP.

Internet Engineering Group, LLC (IEng), Ann Arbor 1996-1999

Founded small company along with partners Tom Easterday, Eric Bennett and John Scudder. Consulting and routing software development. Sold company to Cisco Systems.

Cisco Systems, Ann Arbor 2000-2003

Helped with development of software for Huge F***ing Router, now known as CRS-1.

Bulbous Ventures, LLC, Ann Arbor 2003-present

$0B stealth company. Currently discovering next world-wide Internet-like economic panacea. Also iPhone and Mac OS X software development.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

BS Computer Science, 1980