Problem statements done and to be forwarded to the area Director


Bill Stoner presented on the Hub and spoke frame work draft.

JF from Hexigo asked if the tunnel client endpoint ID acquired from radius, can be given to client as an IP address, Bill will ask radius group

Chair(AD): Asked for clearer distinguishably between what you need, and
what is optional, Bill to structure doc for reflect this


JF noted the DHCP subnet allocation prefix delegation draft had expired.

Chair(AD) appealed for more comments on this document


Gargi Nalawade and Yong presented on the mesh framework document

they noted

security - more partisapation welcomed
Multicast - feed back requested
InterAS, needs documenting

Yakov noted that Work was already happening in IDR for nexthopwork, and that softWires should go and talk to IDR as we had multiple groups persuing similiar
efforts. and that the L2vpn signaling draft is done, and solves the problem. He
also felt tunnel-safi should bedone in l3vpn.

Chairs: AreaD and chairs of both WG to work out where applicable.

Gargi: noted tunnel-safi is generic and not VPN centric.

Yakov: Only framework doc should be accepted in WG, and tunnel-draftiness should be
socialized in L3VPN.

On a vote the WG accepted the framework.

safi:needs to be socialized in L3VPN

Chair(DW) noted we need to work out where work gets done, so long as it get done. VPNv6-over IPv4 - is this solved in VPN WG but softwires
problem is working on a generalized solution not point solution.

Yakov: WRT Nexthop on thins not addressed in IDR should be looked at.

Chair(DW): all docs need revising with last current thinking, and send to multi lists and discuss in interim/ San Diego


Shu present a security principles overview, only focus on H&S

Chair(DW): The mesh working with others parties, but still following
same principles of H&S methodology.


V6 over l2tpv2
Shin talked about a deployed service in Japan details in


JF asked about clients, and shin stated there were clients for bsd/linux/XP SP2

Chair(AD): Asked people read the draft and then discuss on list what we
wanted to do with draft.



Vote on location of interim meeting, Jordi to host in Barcelona.

Chair(DW): interim meeting to discuss next steps

Also need to deal with Cernet draft, initial mesh proposal, issued
in Hong kong and if WG wishes to move experimental. Room showed no
objections to this, but will be discussed on the list.